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Email Checker Pro is used to check and verify whether the email addresses are valid (format or syntax) and really
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26 August 2013

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This is a tool to verify the format and existence of email addresses.

Email Checker Pro helps check and verify whether email addresses are valid (format or syntax) and actually exist on the corresponding email servers. The tool does this without sending bulk mail in batch mode. The first and foremost thing in email marketing is to create a list of prospects. Once you have a list, you need to clean up the list and make sure all the mails addresses are valid. Otherwise, a direct mailing campaign can turn into a nightmare with bouncing mails and trying to make sure as many as possible of the people on the list receive the mail. The tool is simple to use and the information is displayed in a well organized manner. The operation is very simple; almost one click after the list has been imported into the program.

You import the list in CSV format, TXT or in a Excel spreadsheet. Then simply click the “check button”. The display is self explanatory. It will show you against each email address if you have a name, if the server exists, result (that says if the address really exists or the address is invalid, etc.), then a suggestion as to “retain” the address or “recheck”. When was it last checked also is a statistics you get to see. You should be able to check more than 500 address a minute with the tool.

If you are starting into the Internet business and need a clean list, this could be a handy tool.

Publisher's description

Email Checker Pro: check and verify whether the email addresses are valid (format or syntax) and really existing on the corresponding email servers without sending in BATCH mode. Usually, it is used to maintain a clean emailing list. It works very fast, the more the faster due to use multi-threaded checking, it can check 500-1000 email addresses per minute, depends on your computer performance and network speed. It's very easy to use: just import the email addresses from csv (comma separated values), txt (tab separated) or Excel Workbooks (.xls or xlsx), and the click Check button, the results will show soon. And you can also export the results to csv/txt/xls/xlxs files. Except displays the results in a list view traditionally, Email Checker Pro also makes the visual statistics by counts and 3D pie chart. The more visual is: the counts and 3D pie chart are updated in real time during checking email addresses. The result contains the following elements: [Result]: OK, BAD, Wait, Server Not Found or Checking Failed. [Description] (reason of result): Really Exists (for OK), Invalid Email Address Format (for BAD), Indeed Nonexistent/Disabled/Unavailable/Discontinued (for BAD), Unsupported Server, Marked as OK (for OK), Invalid Email Server or Cannot Connect to It (for Server Not Found), An Error Occurred During Checking (for Checking Failed). [Suggestion]: Retain (for OK), Discard (for BAD) or Recheck (for Server Not Found and Checking Failed). [Last Check]: Email Check Pro will save the last check date for every email address, and the check rule setting may rely on this date. [Interaction]: the interaction between Email Checker Pro and destination server during checking.
Email Checker Pro
Email Checker Pro
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